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This article details Agile Documents Adobe Acrobat functionality. It builds on what we learned in Word Basics - Start Here, Word Basics - Templates and Word Basics - Find and Insert. Unlike the examples detailed in Word, all the Acrobat examples are in the same article. Further, this Acrobat article isn't as detailed as the Word articles. Please note that, where appropriate, concepts discussed in the Word example series apply here even if they aren't explicityly discussed.

Please note that the examples described here are easily installed onto your SharePoint site. That installation procedure is described in Installing Examples.

Adobe Acrobat Template Required

In order to build Acrobat files, you must specify a Acrobat template. The template is any Acrobat slide deck that you wish to use. It defines the style and structure of our Agile Document Acrobat document.

An Acrobat template tells Agile Documents to use the Acrobat document engine to build documents. If no template is specified, Agile Documents defaults to using the Word document enginge. Building an Acrobat document is supported with the Acrobat, Word, PowerPoint engine.

Example 1: Concatenating Acrobat Pages

Example 2: Injecting data into a template

Example 3: Find and Insert

Example 4: Conditional Content