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Blue Clarity specializes in providing cloud-based document content management solutions that are fully integrated into Microsoft SharePoint.

We are the creator of Agile Documents along with other private label products.

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  • Document Generator

    Move beyond the construction and management of monolithic documents. Envision documents as a collection of independently managed content items, each representing a specific part of the document. You can link content from spreadsheets, word processing documents, databases, cloud based services and a myriad of other sources. Do more in less time.

  • SharePoint Cloud Integration

    Fully integrates into SharePoint 2013 as cloud hosted software. No complicated software to install on the servers, no data needs to be moved, users keep the same logins, files keep the same permissions, auditing and retention policies remain in place, and you remain in control of your data.

    All you have to do is install from the SharePoint store and in 30 seconds you are ready to go.

  • Learn More

    Learn more about Agile Documents by visiting our learning center.

Private Label

Shape customer experience

Gain advantages from branded solutions, custom integration, and cross-selling.

Customize the cloud

Gain advantages from selecting a public, private or hybrid cloud as well as specifying the geo-location of the solution endpoint.

Additional Functionality

Unlock additional functionality that is not exposed via our publicly available product. For example, Agile Filings is only available through private labeling.

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