Agile Documents

Agile Documents is a cloud based platform for document creation. It allows you to define how your document’s content [and data] elements should be assembled. With Agile Documents, you will reliably build documents with up-to-date clauses, graphics, data, and brandings.

SharePoint Integration

Agile Documents is fully integrated with Micorosft SharePoint. The Agile Documents SharePoint App (Add-In) can be installed in seconds. This integration allows Agile Documents to leverage your existing SharePoint content, data surfaced on SharePoint and existing SharePoint logins.

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Traditional document authoring methods usually make a copy of a template and then modify it as needed. While that works in a lot of cases, there are also a lot of cases where manual modification is subject to human errors. This is especially true when the number of human modifications are substantial. Agile Documents solves this problems by automating document creation. Specifically, a document formula is defined in an Agile Document and built to those exact specifications.

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Virtual Content

Agile Documents defines a document through links and placeholders. In this way, content exists outside of an Agile Document (virtual content). This allows for content to be edited once and appropriately flow into various Agile Document's that refernce it. In contrast, a traditionally edited document requires each change of shared content to be manually propagated to each appropriate document.

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Conditional Content

Conditional Content allows you to create different versions of the same document. For instance, you may wish to customize graphics, sections, or pricing for selected recipients of this document. This allows for better document management by defining one conditionally derived document instead of individually authoring countless derivations. It also allows for a more impactful message by personalizing content to what is relevant for selected recipients.

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Document Content Management


Edit your content on the go with familar tools like Microsft Office Online, Microsoft Office for Android and iOS and Microsoft SharePoint for Android and iOS.


Agile Documents tracks content relationships so you can quickly see how content is used within your document and organization. This allows you to understand how changes to that content will propagate to your documents.

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Varied inputs and outputs

Agile Documents interacts with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, EPUB, HTML, ODT, RTF, XML, and XPS to name a few.


Directly connect your custom processes to Agile Documents.

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In addition to the power features built into SharePoint, Agile Documents provides seamless collaboration around the products operations.



The Workspace is a collaborative area that allows you to see how other members of your team are working with Agile Documents. It provides for rich auditing of Agile Documents actions. Team members can see each others builds, edits, usage and issues.

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Team Builds

Custom processing

Sometimes document manipulation needs to be customized beyond what a UI can provide

Agile Documents


Agile Documents provides multiple ways to control the selection of content, its assembly and the generation of new documents. However, sometimes you may desire additional functionality and customization. It is because of these cases that we have integrated XSLT into our processes.

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Many of the files Agile Document's interacts with--such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and InDesign--are actually a ZIP file that houses many XML files. When you leverage the XSLT processes within Agile Documents you can read and update files within a ZIP archive. Really, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can do with XSLT and your files. You could reformat Word tables, you could copy data from several different worksheets in an Excel table and insert it as a completely reformatted Word table and you could also integrate Word or Excel data into an Adboe InDesign document.

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Cloud services are ideal for most enterprise applications. They provide rapid deployment, bandwidth flexibility, low maintenance, rich features and predictable costs. We love cloud services so much, we run Agile Documents on them.


Agile Documents

There is a lot that can be done with Agile Documents. Sometimes its preferable to bring in the experts to do it right and to do it fast.



Although the enterprise's first choice should be an existing platform or software, sometimes those are not available. In those cases, we are here to help.



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