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Agile Document's provides a construct called Favorites to quickly interact with a select number of Agile Documents -- presumably your favorite Agile Documents. You interact with Favorites through SharePoint Explorer. SharePoint Explorer allows you to add or remove an Agile Document from your Favorites as well as quickly building or editing them.

The first step to interacting with Favorites is to add an Agile Document to your Favorties (Figure 1). When you right-click on an Agile Document in SharePoint Explorer, you may add or remove the Agile Document from your Favorites. Upon success or failure, Agile Documents will report back about the addition or removal of an Agile Document from your Favorites. Figure 2 is an example of a failure where I tried to remove an Agile Document that was not previously added as a Favorite.

When an Agile Document is a Favorite, you may quickly build, edit or remove it as one of your Favorites. You do this by right-clicking on any Web in SharePoint Explorer as shown in Figure 3. This streamlines the editing and building process for you Favorite Agile Documents.

You may also dynamically inject SharePoint List Item, Adobe Forms or Excel data into an Agile Document (Figure 4). In this way, you can quickly merge information with an existing Agile Document without having to Edit said Agile Document, link the data, build, and then remove that linkage. Please see Example 10 in Word Basics - Find and Insert for more details.