Help / Manual / Installation

Requirement: Microsoft SharePoint

Agile Documents runs on top of Microsoft SharePoint. Your organization may already have a subscription to (SharePoint Online). If not, you can subscribe to it for as little as $5/month. Alternatively, your organization may manage their own SharePoint servers (SharePoint On Premises). Once you have access to SharePoint, you can install Agile Documents on top of it.

Agile Documents Installation

Once you have access to a SharePoint web site, it takes about a minute to install Agile Documents. The steps are as follows and match up with the gallery of images to the below.

  • Step 1 - Add an App: Click on the gear icon in the upper right to reveal a menu (Figure 1). Select "Add an App" from the menu.
  • Step 2 - Finding the app: Depending on your organizations relationship with Blue Clarity (Agile Document's parent company), you can install Agile Documents one of two different ways.
    • From The SharePoint Store:

      This is for organization's that do NOT have an enterprise agreement with Blue Clarity. This option is currently disabled. Please contact us via our support center [to open a ticket] to obtain the app. Please note that there is an Agile Document's app in the SharePoint store, but it should not be used. Please contact us instead.

    • From Your Organization:

      This is for organization's that have an enterprise agreement with Blue Clarity. Select From Your Organization on the left side navigation bar (Figure 4). NOTE: Please click on the right and left side of the image below to rotate through all the figures. Then, select Agile Documents from the list of Apps for your organization (Figure 4) and then select "Add It". Depending on how many apps your organization has, you may want to use the search box in the upper right.

      To find out more about an Agile Document Enterprise Agreement, please visit our support center.

  • Step 3 - Trust App: Finally, click on "Trust It" to trust the app (Figure 5).